Our custom-branded LED wristbands put 16 million colors on every arm in the venue. Made of silicone and powered by a single AAA battery, they are fully controllable, perfectly interactive, and offer your audience a lasting memento after the show.


Communicate with one LED product or many hundreds of thousands at the same time. Easily create groups and audience segments for a virtually unlimited number of effects. Best of all, one antenna can control wristbands hundreds of feet away. In fact, up to 65,000 devices can be accessed individually using only 33 DMX channels.


Our super-bright LED technology is best in class, offering full control over the entire spectrum of over 16 million colours as well as strobe and fade effects. LED products can also be custom branded with your logo.


Glow Motion Technologies cares about the environment. Our wristbands are made of medical-grade silicone. Using advanced, ultrasonic cleaners, our devices can be professionally cleaned and re-used at your next event or returned for a credit against your balance.

100% Interactive

One of the best things about GMT’s LED products is the ability for bands to communicate with each other via RFID. This gives designers and event producers a whole new way to approach event design and credentialing. For the first time, your event can become a real-time, interactive canvas.